2025 Senior Rep Program by Rebeckah Puppo Photo

I am so excited to offer a senior rep program for the upcoming senior class of 2025! If you’re a high school junior who is graduating in 2025 and interested in a unique senior photo experience that includes additional senior photo sessions (at no additional cost!) and the opportunity to earn discounts off your senior session, or gift cards to some of your favorite stores, this is a perfect opportunity for you!

What is a senior rep program?

A senior rep program is an exciting opportunity for upcoming high school seniors to become ambassadors for a photographer’s work. Senior reps will showcase the photographer’s work (their gorgeous senior photos!) to their friends and will receive a unique senior photo experience with added benefits. It’s a unique and collaborative way for seniors to receive a personalized, high-quality senior photo experience – and make friends along the way!

What is included in your senior rep program?

– A fun and unique senior photo experience!

– 2 additional senior photo sessions at no additional cost (one in spring, one in summer)

– Opportunities to earn discounts off your initial senior photo package OR gift cards to your fav stores (Starbucks, Amazon + more)

– A complimentary Rebeckah Puppo Photo t-shirt, because who doesn’t love free t-shirts? 😎

How much does it cost to be a senior rep?

The cost of being a senior rep is my basic senior session package cost ($500). If you become a senior rep, you will have to pay a 50% deposit for your senior photo session. If your friends or classmates book a senior session using your session code, you will receive money off of the final payment of your senior photo package!

How do I become a senior rep?

You can apply to become a Rebeckah Puppo Photo senior rep here! Applications will be open until January 31, 2024. Please make sure you have your parent or guardian’s permission before submitting an application.

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